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Class: BrowserWindowProxy

Manipulate the child browser window

Process: Renderer

The BrowserWindowProxy object is returned from window.open and provides limited functionality with the child window.

Instance Methods

The BrowserWindowProxy object has the following instance methods:


Removes focus from the child window.


Forcefully closes the child window without calling its unload event.


Evaluates the code in the child window.


Focuses the child window (brings the window to front).


Invokes the print dialog on the child window.

win.postMessage(message, targetOrigin)

Sends a message to the child window with the specified origin or * for no origin preference.

In addition to these methods, the child window implements window.opener object with no properties and a single method.

Instance Properties

The BrowserWindowProxy object has the following instance properties:


A Boolean that is set to true after the child window gets closed.

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