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Manage files and URLs using their default applications.

Process: Main, Renderer

The shell module provides functions related to desktop integration.

An example of opening a URL in the user’s default browser:

const {shell} = require('electron')



The shell module has the following methods:


Returns Boolean - Whether the item was successfully shown

Show the given file in a file manager. If possible, select the file.


Returns Boolean - Whether the item was successfully opened.

Open the given file in the desktop’s default manner.

shell.openExternal(url[, options, callback])

Returns Boolean - Whether an application was available to open the URL. If callback is specified, always returns true.

Open the given external protocol URL in the desktop’s default manner. (For example, mailto: URLs in the user’s default mail agent).


Returns Boolean - Whether the item was successfully moved to the trash

Move the given file to trash and returns a boolean status for the operation.


Play the beep sound.

shell.writeShortcutLink(shortcutPath[, operation], options) Windows

Returns Boolean - Whether the shortcut was created successfully

Creates or updates a shortcut link at shortcutPath.

shell.readShortcutLink(shortcutPath) Windows

Returns ShortcutDetails

Resolves the shortcut link at shortcutPath.

An exception will be thrown when any error happens.

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